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Featured Pastor:
Sis Joyce Turner

Sis Turner's Grandchildren

Sis Joyce Turner is the Pastor of the Dover Full Gospel Outreach in Dover, Arkansas. She is an amazing lady who not only preaches the uncompromised word of God but she also is a great singer in herself. She also has a special daughter Debra Detherage who has written the song "Chain Reaction" that is on my latest project "No Regrets".

Sister Turner has been a great supporter of this ministry and has a heart for people and a love for gospel music. If you are in the Dover, AR area and are seeking a home church or a church to visit, please check out the Dover Full Gospel Outreach located at 12 Elizabeth St. She has regular Friday night services starting at 7:00 PM.


Featured DJ:
Jim Foster

Dateline Columbus, Georgia:
Zion Records recording artist, Singer/Songwriter/Evangelist arrived in Columbus, Georgia Saturday night and after a restful night was up early Sunday to spend two hours with Jim Foster of AM-1270 WSHE, Southern Gospel on the "Sunday In The Southland" Program. Jerry made such a great impression on the listeners that one great lady cooked up a great breakfast casserole and brought to the studio for Jim and Jerry for breakfast.

After finishing the show it was on to St. Mark FWB church in Phenix City, Alabama where they were greeted with glee by the Pastor Rev Danny Ryles (He just came in from hunting turkeys for dinner).

Jerry really sang his heart out although the Chattahoochee Valley pollen and other allergies was starting to get to him.

What a blessed service and Jerry sang one of his new songs he is working on for the next project, numerous people were at the altar praying.

After the great service that lasted until after 1 PM, an old fashion Thanksgiving dinner (complete with Turkey, probably shot by the Pastor) was enjoyed by all at St Mark FWB. Meanwhile, Jerry had discovered that he needed a alternator on his van and with the help of some of the church members it was finally installed in time for Jerry to make it to First FWB in Columbus and the congregation of Brother Willie Martin at 6 PM.

Jerry again poured out his heart in song and spirit and was received warmly by the congregation. Although during one moment of bad judgment in the morning service Jerry had decided to expand his group to a duo with he and Jim Foster singing In the Garden (the song I mean), Jerry had another brief moment of bad judgment and decided he would form an instant quartet with him, Jim Foster, Brother Danny Ryles and Pastor Willie Martin. After this performance and a vote of the congregation ( and 3 neighborhood dogs that happened to be passing by) I think Jerry will continue his solo ministry.

Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama was certainly blessed this weekend by the singing and ministering of this young man and we look forward to seeing him in this area many more times in the coming years.

Jim Foster
WSHE AM-1270 Columbu, Georgia
"The Voice Of Southern Gospel in The Chattahoochee Valley"
Visit us on the web at: www.am1270radio.com
E-mail: jimfoster@knology.net



Sue, Jerry & Nancy

Friends are people you can talk with, joke around and share many intimate details about our lives. I have known Nancy and Sue for many years as we became acquainted on the job where we worked at the Letterkenny Army Depot. We have had great laughs and many memorable times.

Pulling practical jokes and pranks was an everyday occurrence it seemed and to see who could get the upper hand on the other, then to only later laugh and roll about the outcome.

These two ladies have stayed in close touch with me throughout the years after leaving PA and have supported me in many ways. I will always be eternally greatful for these type of friends, for they do come few and far between.

Since this is my site, here's one more gig I can get in without them saying take that off. They are both older than I, and I'm sure you can tell that by the picture.
HA HA HA.... Gotcha Girls!!!



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