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Hi, this is Jerry Bennett and I felt it a blessing to share with everyone the great things God is doing in this dear friends life. Please know that God still is faithful!





Words from Judy from Parsons, KS:


Hi Jerry,  
I feel that I am to write to you concerning a wonderful testimony.  I hope that it blesses you.  You have been on my heart the last few days.  I knew I was to share this, but I hadn't felt the timing to be right until now.   Since I last contacted you, my daughter's health took a turn for the worse.  It was shortly after we talked last that she became very ill.    She suffered for quite some time as has been the case in the past.  We went through all of our regular blah blah stuff, just like in the past.  Doctor visits, change in life style.  We probably saw the doc in Kansas City, which is quite a long drive for us, a half dozen times in a couple of months.   Finally, the doctor scheduled another scope, which is very hard for her.  Now comes the good news.   One week before the scheduled scope, she completely stopped feeling bad.  Very abrubtly.  I have never been the type of person to "name it, claim it".  This is one of the very few times in my life that I felt God in the way that I did.  I called the doctor and tried to cancel the test.  They seemed to think that we needed to go ahead and have it done.  I agreed, but told them that I was expecting good news.  I testified in church, that I felt God had touched her, and that we were going to get good news.   The scope was done.  The man who did it is a Christian.  He has actually witnessed to me and encouraged me in times past when Chelsea was in the hospital.   I told him before he did the test that I had prayed for him that day.  At the time, I didn't even know that he was the one that was going to do the test.  After it was done, he came to the waiting room.  There was a glow about his face I can not explain.  He just shook his head, and said, The prayer of a righteous man, or woman.  I said, availeth much!  He shook his head again, sat back, and said wow!   You see, for four years now, each scope revealed several places of diseased areas.  All, very profound.   This time, it was stated that she looked like a person who didn't even have Crohn's Disease!  You do not know what it is like to be a parent of a child who has pulled herself up into the fetal position, and done nothing but cry in agony because of pain.  Then, to have these words spoken to you.  My Lord.   The rest of the testimony came today.  I just realized maybe why God has had me wait.  I can tell you the rest now.  Children's Mercy called today.  They got the results back from the biopsies they had done.    Consistent with the location of Chelsea's past pain, they found tissue that showed evidence of a person who was either getting ready to go into a "flare", or who had just gotten over a serious one.  Given the fact that Chelsea has been running in fifty million different directions for the last couple of weeks, doing things that I haven't witnessed her being able to do in years, it is obvious which of the two it is.   They had no medical explanation as to why Chelsea got over this.  No med changes had been made.  No changes in therapy.  No anything, from a medical perspective.  As a matter of fact, her medication has not worked in all this time, how would it have all of a sudden made such a difference?   Better yet, God allowed them to see the evidence that the "flare" had in fact taken place.  It's just as if someone said, Oh my arm!  I fell on it and I broke it, but it is healed.  You get an ex-ray.  It's one thing for you to go into the office and complain, and then feel better with an exray being taken that shows nothing is wrong.  But what about the exray that shows the scar of broken elbow that is now healed.  The evidence. The evidence.   I want this to bless you.  The one thing that we have been able to do, is look back on the times that God chose not to allow a healing in this way, and we still were able to praise him anyway.  Now we are rejoicing in his blessing of a physical healing.   I know that this was anointed.  I hope that it blesses you, and that you can share this testimony.  My children love the Lord.  This has really changed our lives.  God bless you in your ministry.  I pray for you often.  Let me know how you are doing.   Christ's love to you,


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